MEAP - Mobile Enterprise App Platform

February 1, 2010

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (CROSSMOB) - How does the Top Telecom Operators get their valuable services across devices as apps?

Through the use of a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform. MEAP in short.

The challenges faced by the Top Telecom Operators are the same as for your business when you've set your sight on embarking on a mobile venture:

Now that opportunity is also available to the business world. At crossMob we've teamed up with one of the premier MEAP vendors in the business capable of delivering nothing less than stunning usability experiences on even the most obscure hardware.

Convince yourself by watching the execution of our Joint Venture, the Mobile Livescore App.

This ensures uniform coverage of Nokias, Androids, iPhones, SonyEricssons, Samsungs, BlackBerrys, Motorolas, LGs, HTCs, Windows Phone 7s,...

The advantages of using MEAPs are overwhelming. To mention just a few:

Do like the best in class - go with the pros.