Mobile Development Consulting

March 1, 2010

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (CROSSMOB) - Depending on your needs, we provide different services to solve the challenges faced.

Strategic App Advice

Are you capable of seeing clearly through the Mobile App Jungle? Because it is a jungle out there. In what direction should you move?

All the confusion: Loads of devices, loads of platforms, some has app stores but not all, many new phone OS, diversed skill-needs, unclear account models, different feature-sets, security concerns, you name it ...

We can help you out by asking the key questions like:

And from those answers deliver the value-adding solution recommendations - based on facts and a thorough understanding of the underlying technology and the opportunities presented. Advice delivered by highly-experienced Mobile App Specialists with loads of project experience from mission-critical solutions in high-profile enterprises.

Mobile App Programmer

It might also be you just need a single Mobile App Programmer for your project. She has to master your specific app platform of choice, e.g. iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 7. To solve the tough technology-related problems faced by the project team, to play the mentor role in the team, to integrate the mobile app with the backend providing the critical data - or just to ensure a successful delivery of your critical and high-profile project.

We know the Mobile Expert Programmers.

Some masters one platform alone. Others master all the platforms individually: iPhone, Andorid, Symbian, J2ME, Bondi, JIL, ... All highly skilled with tough technology backgrounds as M.Sc.Eng. or M.Sc.Computer Science combined with strong IT experience.

Mobile App Team

To work closely with your Business Representative in achieving your business goals, we can supply full Mobile App Teams for development of your critical App:

Experienced resources with a unique abilty to focus on the end result, cooperate and deliver in high-profile projects. If you need one of the above, give us a notification and we will try to help you out to reach safe ground.

For assistance, please contact: