crossMob Vision

March 15, 2010

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (CROSSMOB) - For the business world to succeed on tapping into the huge mobile potential, making apps to the top smartphones iPhone or Android alone will not be sufficient in order to penetrate the market. Like the car market there will be a series of major players sharing the market and reach the broad audience.

Thus, to succeed you have to go across. Across device manufacturers, across mobile OSes, across telecom operators, across app stores, across devices, across data plans, across your customers personal choice of mobile phone.

Across Mobiles ! That's our proposition.

But how? To really make a difference does not always require a project with 50 members or more. Small SWAT teams of highly-skilled individuals with a flair for teamwork surfing on the right technology are usually the most efficient setup for impressive results, quick time-to-market and cost-effectiveness.

We have a passion for Mobile Solutions and with a firm base in IT the vision is to make the best IT Programmers available to the business world right now when the the world is going to go mobile. For customers this will deliver lasting, impressive results within corporate branding as well as on the bottom-line through operational excellence.

If you want to learn more on how your business can get across, don't hesitate to contact us for a discussion on that valuable subject.